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No, not in the mirror . . .

Hey guys! Ooch here. So I had a great couple of shows today in Sudbury, MA. I’d love to give a quick “Awwww yeah” to them! You guys and gals were AWESOME and I hope to see you again soon!!

So people ask me all the time, “Ooch, what’s with the orange shoes?” And depending on my mood the answer varies… Sometimes I tell people that I wear orange shoes because I like orange. Quick Ooch factoid – my favorite color is orange followed by grey and then electric blue.

Other times I tell people I wear orange shoes because orange is the color of creativity.

And then there are times that I tell people that my orange shoes are my game-day shoes. Basketball players wear their game shoes on the court . . . I wear my orange shoes on stage. So do my orange shoes make me a better yo-yo player? Not necessarily but they DO give me confidence. I feel pretty cool when wearing them and people always compliment me on them. So I guess in some ways they make me a better entertainer. I mean, the shoes alone are entertaining!!! I can’t lose!!

I wear orange shoes for many reasons but here’s the most important reason – I wear orange shoes because the are part of what makes me unique.

I’d love to know what you do that makes you unique. Do you have a certain style or fashion that is uniquely you? Do you have a special dance move that is your signature move? What about you makes you feel cool or confident? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

I’ll be looking forward to seeing your posts!!

Ooch out . . .