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No, not in the mirror . . .

Hey guys! I’m back with more.

Many of you know that I have a catch phrase and it’s, “Awww yeah!” I use it when I like something or I’m excited about something. Often times it’s followed by my signature move . . . the Ooch point as indicated below.

Every time I have a show I share my catch phrase and Ooch point with my audience. As most of you know there are many times to use it, like when your teacher rewards the class for doing something good. That’s a great opportunity to show your appreciation of his or her appreciation of you! You might even use it at home when your parents do or say something that gets you excited. It’s fun to look at them and with a big grin on your face do the Ooch point and say, “Awww yeah”!

I even suggest using “Awww yeah” with the point as part of the ‘step back and spin it’ technique. You see sometimes when I get angry I need to snap myself out of being mad, so I take a step back, spin my arms in a circle, point at the problem and with a head-nod say, “Awww yeah”! Usually, by the time I finish doing that little routine I’ve taken the seriousness out of my anger and can look at the situation with a level head. It’s a great technique to prevent me from doing or saying something I’d regret immediately after. It gives me a moment to chill out, realize I’m angry and do the RIGHT thing.

What I DON’T talk about is when it’s not appropriate to use it – like if you were in the middle of a library and you busted out with a loud, “Awww yeah” for no reason. People might find that upsetting or even annoying. I always have a good reason to do the Ooch point and give an “Awww yeah”. It’s special and I don’t overuse it. I’d encourage you to do the same – save it for something that you REALLY like or are especially excited about.

Sure, I’d love to have my special point and catch phrase become a household thing! I’d love to know kids (and adults) all over the world where doin’ the Ooch point and saying “Awwww yeah” every time they were excited or happy about something. I’d be bummed out, though, if I knew it was being used to annoy an older (or younger) brother or sister or was getting someone in trouble for over-using it.

Guys, have fun with it! Use it! But always remember to use it responsibly.

You know what? Now is a good time to use it. Get up, go to a mirror, take a good look at the ridiculously good looking person staring back at you and hit em with your best Ooch point and “Awww yeah”! After all – you deserve it!!