Ooch’s Videos

  1. Rosie Cheecks says:

    I love your extreme yo-yo moves. They’re pretty cool…”Aww yeah!”…You would probably say that to me if I was talking to you right now! Great proformence! Loved it…Bullying is a repeated apression physically or phsycalogically from a stronger person to a not stronger person or a group of people…

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  3. Grace says:

    Hey Ooch!! Its Grace! You visited me today at Grace Farrar Cole School! You inspired me and my friend (ALOT!) and we want to help! We are going to make a small program of our own to stop bullying! We are still thinking of a name, got any suggestions? And could you give us some starter tips? Thanks Ooch!!! Awwww yaaa!!!

    • Grace says:

      Oh yeah! If you dont remember me, visit my page on Gravatar! Im sugar778. 😉

    • ooch says:

      Hey Grace!

      It was great visiting your school today and I’m so glad that my program inspired you and your friend. I’d suggest meeting with your guidance counselor and talk to her about what the two of you can do. She seemed very cool and full of great ideas. As for a name . . . hmmm . . . maybe “Club Upstander” or “Club Ups” . . . or maybe something with “superPOWER” like the “SuperPOWER Society” . . . What do you think???

      • Grace says:

        Whats up ooch?
        Thanks for your great ideas! Im going to show my friend them!! Ill get back to you after school! 😉

      • Grace says:

        Hey ooch!
        back from school! I told my friend your ideas and she loved them! So she mixed one of them with another thing we came up with. Our name is “Animal Upstanders”. Our program is to stop bullying and animmal cruelity! Our website SHOULD be done by Sunday. (and thanks for the great ideas! i love them! maybe I’ll use those in the future!) Tomorrow we will check with our guidance counselor! I dont know what the adress of the website is or what it’s called (probably Animal Upstanders!) but I’ll let you know when I find out! I really hope you visit our school nest year!

  4. joaliz says:

    hi ooch im from newman elementri school needham and you are great at yo-yo !!!

    the date that i saw you in newman was = moster ball , and helping us how we could get of bullying or why i got bullied that was some great idvice 🙂

  5. Laura Ozella says:

    Hey Ooch!!! Holla out to ya from your old friends at Holliston Extended Day!!!!! Hope all is well!! Doing an MS ride on the Vineyard and I am on the committee as well as riding 50k to help raise money. We are trying to make it a family fun event. Maybe some “Oochness” would help keep everyone motivated!!! Let me know what you think 🙂


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