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To get Ooch at your school or event please contact:

Denise Washko
Manager for Brett Outchcunis


  1. lauren says:

    i loved your show today at haynes sudbury ma i was the one who said i raced in skiing!!!!!!!! 😉 good luck with your dream!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sydney says:

    Hi Ooch! You came to my school today, the West Intermediate in Wilmington. I thought you were really funny with your dances and stuff. I am not sure if this is were I ask questions but I did see you with neon orange shoes and I was wondering to myself why are they so bright? Thanks for coming I had lots of fun! Your friend, Sydney

    • ooch says:

      Hey Sydney! “The West” was a blast! Your principal gave me a “West Pride” bracelet and I’m wearing it now. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you liked the dances and comedy. I’m not sure how my shoes got so bright but they can be quite blinding. 🙂 I love wearing bright shoes because it’s a touch of individuality. Rock on!

  3. anna says:

    My friend sarah is really obsessed with eminem. I don’t know what to do.

  4. br says:

    hi saw you at my middle school today i was the one who suggested yeah3x and magic at lunch


  5. br says:

    medway middle school

    your show rocks

  6. Kristy says:

    Ooch I loved your tap-dancing and yo-yo-ing you even signed my friends lunchbox I go to Medway Middle School. you rock ooch c ya!!!

  7. Kristy says:

    I also like your theme song ahhh yeah

  8. Rosie Cheecks says:

    Ooch.. I luv your tap dancing and yo-yo tricks…You were terrific at Medway Middle School! Thanks for djing my lunch that day! BEST LUNCH EVA’!

  9. devon lewis says:

    he ooch thanks for the inspiration for the 5th grade kick ball game against the teachers but we lost

  10. Sophie says:

    Hi Ooch it’s Sophie I loved the show you put on at Alden! I will miss you so much over the summer! I will see you next year.

  11. blake says:

    Hey Ooch, I think that you do great work and are an inspiration. I hope you continue to spread your good energy!

  12. Erin Fullerton says:

    hey brett, im a peer leader at the plymouth county dare camp every year and my favorite word is “inspire” and you do an amazing job at making that word just come to life..thank you, your awesome!

    awww yeahh!

  13. anthony says:

    hi ooch you came to my school last friday, you are the funniest guy i have ever meat/seen in my life i really liked your show thanks for coming and talking about bulling thanks oh wait before i go i have one question to ask you whats your theme song called on itunes? i cant find it
    thanks again

    • ooch says:

      Hey Anthony!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I had a great time with you and your friends! The name of the song is The Ooch Experience. I hope you find it!

      Awwww yeah!!!

  14. brett says:

    hey ooch i loved your show at the leominster library it was awesome thanks for signing my yomega fireball i was the one with the yoyofactory yoyo next to my cousin with the proyo

    by ooooooooch

  15. brett says:

    ____ ____ ____ __
    / \ / \ / __] [ ] ___
    [ o ] [ o ] [ [ __ [ ]/ __ \
    \____/ \____/ \____] [__/ [_]

  16. Kelvin says:

    hey ooch! I just wanted to know, since I am pretty good a yo- yoing, How do you join team yomega?

  17. Rebecca says:

    Hey Ooch! I just noticed the website and I just wanted to say hi! 🙂

  18. bb says:

    my dad knows your mom

  19. bb says:

    my dad worked at The Narrows for a long time.Also the other day you were at my school.

  20. bb says:

    Answer me Ooch ,answer me!!!!!!!!:p

  21. BB says:

    you are the best at yo-yoing . I loved your show at the Wareham Middle School the other week . You rock.

    thanks again,
    Awwww Yeah

  22. Brett I’m George I love yoyo’s. I have your DVD and I practice when I can. I saw your join team yomega thing and. I want to join your team but I can’t find the join thing on the website so could you message me on my Gmail account

  23. My name is George and I love yoyo’s and your DVD.I want to be on your team .I can’t get the site so I can join. ME:I’m 10 years old .Please contact me at Gmail, Email me at😃 George out.

  24. F. Coakley says:

    Hey Ooch,
    I loved your show at the Benjamin Franklin Charter School. You signed my cast if you remember, and I just wanted to know if I could talk to you about some yo-yo stuff some time. I am really interested. Can you e-mail me?

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