Yo-Yo Contest Alert!!!

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Learning

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that in a couple of weeks I’m gonna be in the beautiful town of Northampton, MA taking part in one of my favorite events of the year – “The Z-Games” Northeast Regional Yo-Yo Contest!

I mention this contest because it’s the PERFECT yo-yo event check out if you’re curious about the sport of yo-yoing. The Z-Games offers a great inside look at what yo-yoing is all about.

It’s a full day of yo-yo events ranging from beginner contests to advanced yo-yo freestyles to music. Some of the best players in the country come to this event to compete for the regional title and hang with friends.

I also happen to feel that it’s the ultimate “first” yo-yo contest to take part in because lots of newcomers participate. Not only that but the event is built so that ANY yo-yo enthusiast can compete. AND I stress that if you can already do a few tricks, ENTER the contest. You won’t find a more friendly group of judges or people. This contest is built with the beginner and intermediate player in mind. Don’t get me wrong, they’re are some AMAZINGLY TALENTED players there but there’s a category for every skill level.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m the host?? Awwww yeah!!!!! Ill be MCing all day and I’ve got lots of fun things up my sleeve for ya! So come and share a day of yo-yo fun with me and lots of my yo-yo friends.

Sunday April 3rd 2011
JFK Middle School
100 Bridge Road
Florence, Massachusetts 01062

The event starts in the morning. For exact times and the schedule check out the A2Z website – A2Z Science and Learning Store

  1. Dana Wolf says:

    Hey Ooch,

    I am thinking about bringing Noah, but I have a few questions for you. Would he have to have a routine prepared if he wanted to compete, or could he just make a last minute decision? He can be shy at times, so I don’t know if he would even be interested, but it is a thought. Can we go to observe even if he chooses not to compete? Thanks!


    • ooch says:

      Hey Dana,

      He won’t need a routine prepared. The routines (freestyles) are for advanced players. He can make a last minute decision to compete if he likes but there is a registration fee. I’m not sure what it is but it’s not much. There are categories that he can compete in that just require his knowledge of tricks. AND there are age groups, too, so he will be competing with other evenly-skilled players.

      He can observe but I can’t stress enough the importance of giving it a shot. Really, he has nothing to lose as he’s never competed before. It’s great experience and might give him a great sense of accomplishment. He’s not alone in being shy and a little nervous at the prospect of competing. I think most kids get a little scared at the word “contest” or “competition”. It’s almost as if the word implies – “prior experience” and “mastery”. In this contest it’s not the case at all, in large part because I’m hosting it. It’s all about having a great experience. Winning and losing are really secondary to the experience of just being there and giving it the ole college try. I look at this contest as the BEST FIRST yo-yo contest to ever compete in because it’s so beginner-oriented.

      I’d go to both observe and give it a try. I think he’ll be surprised with his results. ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s even adult divisions . . . maybe you could give it a go!


      • Dana Wolf says:

        Thanks Brett! Obviously you have never seen me yo-yo! My trick is called “I can make it go down”. Noah is actually really excited to go and compete, but when I went to the website, the registration info wasn’t up yet (neither was the schedule or the division info). Will there be trick guidelines so that we know what group to register him for? Does it start early in the morning (as in, I need to book a room to stay over) or will we be able to get up at a reasonable time and drive the 2+ hours that morning? Sorry to inundate you with questions, but this is all new to me! Thanks again!!!!!


      • ooch says:

        Hey Dana,

        That’s funny! I HAVE seen your trick. Amazingly, many people have mastered that one!

        I also noticed that there is minimal information regarding the event. I’ll make some calls and see if we can’t get some more details up there. ๐Ÿ™‚

        In the meantime I’d suggest calling A2Z directly – 413-586-1611 or call toll free 877-261-6171.


  2. Dana Wolf says:

    Hey Brett,

    Thanks for this weekend! Everyone had a great time (except for Jay, but he is a grumpus)! Noah made a new friend, had a good time, and left with a little more confidence than he came with! He even has a ton more pictures to add to his “wall of Ooch”. Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t ask you a bunch of questions, so here goes. What do you know about the East Coast Classic? Is it a more advanced competition, or is there a beginner division? If not, is it something that Noah would enjoy going to? What goes on there? It is the one weekend that we have in June without dance recitals, gymnastics shows, or theatre recitals, so I could take him if you thought that it would be appropriate. On another topic (I am too lazy to make paragraphs), wondering if you know of anyone in the general vicinity of Canton (I don’t mind driving a bit) who is a little older who could hang out with Noah once in a while to encourage him and help him out with any tricks that he needs pointers on. Sometimes I think that he would benefit (in general) from having an older kid to talk to and hang with. Jumping topics again, have you ever thought about running a yo-yo camp in the summer (not necessarily this summer)? What kid wouldn’t love hanging with you for a couple of weeks? I think that I am done rambling for now.

    Thanks Again,


    PS I am reminding you about that thing that you told me to remind you about ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. devon lewis says:

    hey ooch thanks for coming to wood school in Ma you inspired me to learn to yo yo thanks alot

  4. devon lewis says:

    you should come to our school again

  5. devon lewis says:

    hey ooch i dont what to do can help me every one at school makes fun of my name wat should i do

  6. Ashley says:

    Dear Ooch,
    you visited my school today (Nichols JR. Middle School) and i would just like to say that i am inspired by you and what you do!
    Im the kid who said i would like to be a forensic anthropologist. I was very influenced and inspired also by 1. You havn’t done drugs, havn’t drink Alchoal in your whole life and 2. That you told me that i can do and be anything if i put mind to it and focus. Please email me@bulldogscales99@aim.com

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