Thanks to the kids of the Sherman school!!!

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Antibullying, Cool Things, Kids Fun, Ooch, Positivity, School and Kids, Super Powers

Hey guys, Ooch here!

So I travelled to the wonderful world of Connecticut recently and had the pleasure of hanging with the students of Sherman.  It was AWESOME!  I want to thank you for making me feel like a total rock star!

Positive Spin K 2  2

I especially want to thank all the students who wrote me letters!  Awwww yeah!!  There were a couple of questions that popped up a bunch of times that I would like to answer . . .

First off, lots of people mentioned that their favorite trick of mine was “Eating the Sandwich” . . . That’s really funny because after my shows I was ACTUALLY eating a sandwich and some students came into the room and asked me what trick I was doing.  I wasn’t actually doing a yo-yo trick so I said, “eating the sandwich”.  This has quickly become lots of people’s favorite trick!  Oh, and by the way, I was eating a tuna sandwich.  Tuuuuuuunnnnaaaaaaaaa!!!!  Yummy.

A few of the kids had a chance to see some of my rare yo-yos.  One of the yo-yos I showed was the PacMan yo-yo by Werrd, Australia.  It’s very rare because there are only TWO of them in existence.  Someone wanted to know who has the other Pac Man yo-yo.  The name of that guy is Stu Brown and he’s the guy who actually made them!  I feel honored to have one of them.


And another shout-out to the Sherman Yo-Yo Club!  I had the chance of hanging out with them after school and had a total blast!  To the Sherman Yo-Yo Knights . . . Awwww Yeah!!!!  Keep throwin’!!



Oh, and one more thing – the Sherman School has been . . .


  1. Kim Jansen says:

    Thanks for answering some of our questions on your blog. We still talk about your visit to our classroom. it was the best school performance we have ever had. You are the best yo-yo trick performer we have ever seen.

    Have you been to any other cool places since you were at Sherman? Do you think you will come back again? We would love to have you come back and share more of your stories with us. We also hope you will be able to come back and spend more time in our classroom.

    Our teacher signed up for your emails so we will be following you closely. Thank you again for coming to our school, and for our special visit to our classroom.

    Mrs. Jansen and the whole 4C Class

    • ooch says:

      Hello Kim!
      It was my pleasure to answer your questions. If you think of others, feel free to ask away! I love to stay in touch with new friends! I’m glad you are still buzzin’ about my visit. You guys and gals are extremely cool.

      I’ve been out and about performing here and there . . . I do a lot of shows in Massachusetts but went to NY last week and had some fun! I’d love to come back to Sherman and spend more time with you all sometime! Maybe next year??

      I’m still very envious that you get to go to DC! It’s such an interesting place with so much history. Have a blast and think of me when you’re there. If you visit Lincoln’s memorial please give him my best!! I love Abe!!

      Thanks, Mrs. Jansen, for signing your class up for my blog! It’s awesome to have you guys following me as I pursue my dreams. 🙂

      Stay in touch!

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