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London Day 8

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hello all,

Today was fun but very rainy. I’m really glad that I brought my umbrella! Today was extra fun because I got to hang out with one of Nik and Christine’s friends, Julia. She’s practicing law in London and had Sunday off so we hung out. It was fun. We walked around a little bit (due to the rain), did some shopping and hung out at cafes and chatted. It was a nice, chill day.

She gave me a term – higgledy piggledy, which means something like scattered or mish-mosh. I looked it up in wikipedia and learned that it is known as a double dactyl in literature. It is a verse form that usually begins a English poem or limerick like this . . .

Higgledy piggledy,
Benjamin Harrison,
Twenty-third president
Was, and, as such,

Served between Clevelands and
Save for this trivial
Didn’t do much.

It has a certain rhythm like triplets . . . DA-da-da, DA-da-da. I may have over-thought this . . .

London Day 7 Extra

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

As promised, my stint on the BBC Breakfast show. No one recognized me on the streets, though. Not quite famous YET . . .

London Day 7

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hey guys and gals! Thanks for the awesome posts! Keep em comin’. 🙂

So today I got to explore a bit of the city. It was fun and I got pretty good at using the Tube (London underground.) You’ll hear more about that in the video, though. Always an adventure . . . Oh, and waking up to myself on TV was cool, too. This will be one of two posts for tonight. I will post the BBC thing separately. Tomorrow will be fun. I should be meeting up with a friend of Nik’s for more adventures.

Stay tuned.

London Day 6

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Back in London! Another long day but very satisfying. Just a couple of terms for ya –

A smash – a car accident
“Ho hum, falderie-dee” – Oh well, what will be will be
Streets ahead – brilliant or way ahead of the rest
Windy pops – farts (usually from children)
“First up best dressed” – The early bird . . .

Observation – they spell tires “tyres”. Cool.
Also, TJ Maxx in England is TK Maxx

I had this for energy today during the shoot . . .

It was yummy but tasted like liquid bubble gum . . . with fizz. I believe it’s Irish. Our camera man, Ferdy was Irish. Awesome dude!

UK Day 5

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

Wow, long day! Not much to report. Lots of filmin’. One interesting thing I noticed was that the traffic lights behave a bit differently here than at home. At home they go green, yellow, red and then back to green. Here they do the same but before the light turns green again, it goes yellow. So technically you can start driving before the light turns green! Very cool. It’s kinda like racing.

The abbreviate the word decorations and say “decs”. So, they’ve put up the Christmas decs already.

Oh, and a station wagon or larger hatchback is an “estate car”.

That’s it for now, enjoy the vid!

UK Day 4

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Hey guys and gals! I’m back at it with more terms for ya’ll!

CORRECTION: Tottie had an incorrect spelling. It’s “totty”. And if you want to really emphasize it you can say “top totty”, according to Mark.

Squiggle – signature
Mooch – to hang out or hang around
“Wouldn’t say boo to a goose” – wouldn’t be the one to start trouble
Fit or WELL fit – really hot or good lookin’
Bird – girl (Fit girl is even better)
Cow – An insult to a girl if called one. I suppose that’s the same in the US isn’t it?

Observation – There was a sign using the word Enquiry. We spell it “Inquiry”. They pronounce it “en-QUIRY”

Oops, just popped off a bit . . . sorry. Time for bed. Cheers!

London Day 3

Posted: November 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hey everyone! So sorry for the delay. The internet in the place I’m staying at isn’t working.

Okay, new terms for you:

Sat Nav – GPS
Quid (London term) – Pound
Pants = knickers = underwear
Trump – fart
Blown off – fart
Pumped – farted
Popped – farted
Bottom Burp – fart 🙂
Bang on! = Spot on! = exactly on!
Windscreen – windshield
“Pom” – what the Australians call the English. POM stands for Prisoners Of the Motherland
Tottie – classy girl
Butty – sandwich
Brew – hot coffee or tea

And here’s the commercial that I told you about in the video! The kid’s name is Bradley and he was a ton of fun. A good yo-yo kid, too.